Vietnam Airlines CNMB triển khai 1 số thông tin và giấy tờ cần thiết khi nhập cảnh Nhật Bản


Để phục vụ cho công tác bán hành trình HAN NRT, Vietnam Airlines CNMB xin gửi tới Quý Hội viên 1 số thông tin và giấy tờ cần thiết khi nhập cảnh Nhật Bản.


PDF  00._Insruction given by JCAB as of 28AUG2020 –boarder measures
                   - This is the explanation for the PAX re-entry into Japan and other related restriction information.
PDF  01._
Notice to Airlines by Immigration in JPN (effective from 30Aug)
                   - This is the updated of the list for restricted countries.
01-4Requirement at Immigration (Re-entry & Newly-entry)
                   - This is indicating the eligibility and required docs which 
airline have to check at the check-in counter.
                   - All PAX except Japanese have to come to JP Embassy/Consulate to obtain this letter before check-in.
01-5Certificate of Testing for COVID-19  
                   - This is the format of certificate for Testing.  This is also required doc we airline have to check.
                 - Please be note that the 72-hours valid should not be exceeded the time of arrival at NRT.
                   Carefully checking at check-in counter must be required, otherwise PAX defenitely be denied enter Japan.   
PDF 01-6Specific example of cases where permission for re-entry or new entry
- This is just the inforamtion of treartment for the pax who does not have entry eligibility.
PDF 01-7Letter of Confirmation for Re-entry (For Vietnamese & Thainese)   
- This is also inmprtant letter for PAX to issued by Embassy of Japan in VN and airline have to check at chekc-in.
PDF01-8Acceptance Confrimation 
                 - This is related to above 01-7 Letter of Confriamtion for PAX to use at JP Embassy in VN and this is issued
                    at Immigration when PAX have left Japan.

PDF01-9-1 Guidance Letter who left Japan before 31Aug2020

PDF01-9-2 Guidance Letter who left Japan before 31Aug2020
                 - Those above 2- kind of guidance is for PAX who need special permit and should go to JP Embassy.

PDF  02._Questionnaire for Qurantine      
                 - This is the doc which PAX have to fill out before arrival requested by Quarantine, and airline have to put
                    onboard and Cabin Crew deliver all PAX in cabin. 
Our NRT AP Office will send them to TSN/NBA for the preparation.      
                    Please ask PSD to make instruction to TSN/NBA.

PDF 03._
Cabin Announcement for Pax on Arraival to Japan          
                 - This is a sample of cabin annoumcement requested by Quaraitine. 
                    Please ask PSD to set annoucement in Cabin.

PDF 04._Essential Issue which needed to be noticed to PAX onboard (Explanation for Airlines to prepare)
- This is a guidance for creating cabin announcement and action for airlines.     

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